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Русюна Тэндо — шестнадцатилетняя героиня сериала, отправленная Императрицей в путешествие, дабы претворять в жизнь её идеалы. В детстве Русюна училась в тайной академии потенциальных Просветлённых вместе с Тэппой Айдзеном, а позднее они с Сэцуной Омидо стали двойниками Императрицы. Её умения в обращении с огнестрельным оружием феноменальны, однако, верная своим принципам, она всегда старается обойтись без него. Русюна убеждена, что любого противника можно одолеть, отняв у него желание сражаться, и первым шагом к такой победе является искренняя улыбка. У её личного револьвера очень тугой курок, лишний раз напоминающий об ответственности за выстрел. Русюна обожает купаться, абсолютно не стесняется своей объёмной груди и начисто лишена каких-либо комплексов, что делает её персонаж основным источником фансервисного этти в аниме.
Сэйю: Микако Такахаси

Rushuna Tendo is an extremely busty, 16-year-old, blonde senshi who was trained in the positive teachings and kind ideals of Tenshi. A former pre-Juttensen candidate, she is trained in the use of a revolver, specializing in shooting to disable rather than to kill using a form of Gun-Kata as seen in the final battle with Setsuna. Rushuna fights to end strife and chaos. She has excellent tactical analytical skills, being able to discern her opponents" weaknesses in the heat of battle and adjust accordingly to exploit them with the tools at her disposal. She also hugs opponents who are difficult to negotiate with to her chest in order to pacify them.She has also been known to hide ammunition in her cleavage. She is 16 years old. Rushuna has a weakness for taking hot baths, and she indulges in this pursuit frequently. Rushuna earns the title of "Grenadier, the smiling Senshi" from Tenshi at the end of the series. Her first name may be a reference to a Rushana Buddha, while her surname means "heavenly path" - appropriate considering her status as a traveler.

In the manga, many people point out that Rushuna is a foreigner because of her natural blonde hair and large bust. She also had an older sister who rivaled her in skill but was corrupted by the Baron Iron Mask. She was raised by the eccentric Soun who taught her everything she knew. This differs from the anime in that she was trained in the Capital.

At the end of the manga series, it is canon that she marries Yajiro.<<-Wow!

First appearance: Episode 1
Voiced by: Mikako Takahashi (Japanese), Wendee Lee (English)
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